The beginnings of the creative project presented for this Autumn/Winter season lie in a theme of parallel dimensions and the unknown, where an atmosphere of mystery reigns undisputed. The individual is transported to another dimension that is unreal and dreamlike, existing only within the mind. A world of scientific and medical experiments, where everything is sterile and bare. Memories of a past, where what has been becomes a warning for the future.
Jackets and trousers resemble shirts and uniforms, with laces, zips and hooks that modify the fit. The shoes have a compact and structured image, perfect to complement outfits with minimal design.  Worthy of note is a selection of footwear, on which "what science cannot give us we can get elsewhere" is hand-painted in braille.
Colours and shapes are dull and sterile, reflecting the atmosphere of scientific laboratories: the details are like codes to be deciphered through a new interpretation that goes beyond the visible.
The JS proposal also includes jewellery, unique pieces made of Murano glass, inspired by test tubes and vials used in the medical and chemical fields.
The designer, Jonathan Scarpari, believes in the continuous search for new solutions, getting back to basics, freeing the fabric and removing everything that is superfluous. A cutting-edge conceptual style, from which new and different male silhouettes are born.


Jonathan Scarpari has chosen the Cardi Gallery in Corso di Porta Nuova 38, to present his creative project on 12th January. It is a minimally designed space that lends itself perfectly to accommodate the designer's creations, with great visual impact.
A concept that includes temporal space variations, inserted into a sterile, plastic path that narrates the parallel and dreamlike dimensions the collection develops in.  Six "tableau vivants" inspired by the idea of ​​experimentation. A mix of nostalgia drawn from the designer's meticulous research, which transforms the creative chaos into a clean and simple proposal that flows elegantly.