Jonathan Scarpari has made research on material the stylistic code of his design. By training, he has a scientific approach. He is like a scientist, or an alchemist, transforming matter into a 'perfect object'.

Scarpari reinterprets man in a modern light: his is a man with a strong identity and great mental openness. He is flexible, there is no limit. Everything in the fashion by Scarpari - materials, shapes and ideas - refers to the concept of innovation, evolution towards a new dimension.

A contemporary, independent man, who personally chooses the garments he loves to wear. Who prefers the quality - of the clothes that wears out of time - the sleek, sought after yet understated lines. Jonathan Scarpari's man is timeless, beyond fashion.

A continuous search for new solutions to get to the essentials. Jonathan Scarpari frees the material by removing all the superfluous, in order to obtain a single pure form of technicalism and craftsmanship in the great sartorial tradition. An avant-garde conceptual style.

Jonathan Scarpari's man is already wearing the future.